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Paddling in the Wake of St. Patrick & Game of Thrones

Looking for a truly exceptional adventure? Paddleboarding is the fastest growing sport in the world, and Ireland offers an abundance of waterways – some challenging, some less so – and, as our intrepid Canadian couple discovered, all flanked by stunning landscapes of mountains, lakes, coastlines, and islands. We wanted to drink in Ireland’s audaciously greenRead more..

All Around Ireland

Michelle Meagher’s photographs of her first trip to Ireland. Wicklow Mountains, County Wicklow. This panoramic view of the Wicklow Mountains and Lake is my favorite of all the pictures I captured on my very first trip to Ireland over the summer. My boyfriend, Brendan, who acted as my tour guide, pulled over on an almostRead more..

Your Travel Story: Tara Cross

I took this image of Tara cross on the evening of May 26th, 2012, almost 214 years to the day that the Battle of Tara took place. On that occasion the fields of Tara ran red with the blood of Irish rebels who had gathered on the hill to engage the occupying forces of theRead more..

Your Travel Story: Killarney National Park

I discovered The Killarney National Park on one of my first trips to Ireland many years ago, and I’ve returned to Killarney many times since. Just last September, on yet another stroll through this lush and peaceful garden, I had to wonder if I had ever crossed the same path twice. I snapped this photoRead more..

Finding Roots in Ireland,
Land of Enchantment

Heidi Boyd on her trip to Ireland. “Do you have Irish ancestors?” This is normally the first thing people ask me upon finding out I went on holiday in Ireland. In most cases, the person asking has Irish roots and is happy to meet a fellow Irishman.  And maybe they’ve found one in me. Maybe.Read more..

Your Travel Story: Doolough

On a lonely stretch of road in Co. Mayo, between Louisburgh and Delphi Lodge, I took this photo of Doolough, which translates as dark lake. It was a lovely day, and the light was perfect, as it often is in Ireland, and I just took one shot. I now have this photo., many times enlarged, hangingRead more..