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What Are You Like? Emily O’Hare Under the Tuscan Sun

Raised in London with Irish and Scottish roots, Emily O’Hare made a name for herself as a wine buyer and head sommelier at The River Café, London. That was before she fell in love with Italy and decided to make it her home. She now runs wine and yoga retreats at Castello di Potentino, aRead more..

Apology Demanded for N.I. Priest’s Yoga Comments

Father Reverend Roland Colhoun, a priest at Waterside Parish of Roman Catholic Diocese of Derry in Northern Ireland, as reported by The Derry Journal, “warned parishioners against taking part in yoga” while saying mass in Drumsurn recently. “Yoga is certainly a risk,” he said. “There’s the spiritual health risk.” “It’s a slippery slope from yoga toRead more..

The Breath Is Key

An introduction to Yoga. My introduction to Kundalini Yoga in 1982 was a game changer. My type A personality  changed to a more patient and certainly chilled out A-. When asked how I stay so calm and centered I’m clear that the three-days-a-week practice is contributing and I consider it my health insurance. Other than a slight coldRead more..