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9/11 Fifteen Years On

Back in July, on a hot afternoon at Kennedy International Airport in Queens, a truck carried a 40,000-pound piece of debris – draped in an American flag – out of a building known as Hangar 17. The building, for well over a decade, housed over 2,000 items collected from the rubble of the World TradeRead more..

Irish Artist’s Documentary “Rebuilding the World Trade Center” Premiers on History

A project eight-years in the making makes its U.S. premier tonight. Northern Irish filmmaker and artist Marcus Robinson’s award winning, mixed media documentary “Rebuilding the World Trade Center” debuts on the History Channel at 6:00 pm Eastern and Pacific. The documentary, which chronicles the construction of One World Trade Center from laying the foundation toRead more..

Why the Towers Fell

Dennis Smith, former firefighter and author, talks to Tom Deignan. ℘℘℘ If retired firefighter and best-selling author Dennis Smith had his way, the Twin Towers that once dominated the New York City skyline would be built again. Not in downtown Manhattan, however. Smith believes the towers should have been rebuilt as part of the ongoingRead more..

The First Word:
Window on the World

On July 11, 2001 we gathered at the Windows on the World on top of the World Trade Center for our annual Wall Street 50 bash. The guests, senior members and a smattering of women excepting, were mostly young men in their 30s. I talked to John Ryan Jr. and kidded him about his motherRead more..

Chris Duffy

A young financial worker lost on Sept. 11, was most of all a brother. ℘℘℘ Hey Bunkster, …how was the weekend? don’t worry, you’ve only been at school a week…it’ll get better. you gotta meet some people…you’re a Duffy. there’s bound to be someone you’ll run into who knows one of us somehow, between yourRead more..

Fire in the Morning

In a strange twist of fate, Ron Clifford escaped the WTC unaware that his sister and niece were on the plane that crashed into the North Tower. United Flight 175, a Boeing 767 non-stop from Boston’s Logan Airport to Los Angeles with seven flight attendants and 56 passengers on board, rolled back from Gate 19Read more..

Paul Crotty:
Emergency Communication

As Group President for Public Policy and External Affairs in New York and Connecticut for Verizon Communications, Paul Crotty played an important part in their post-September 11 recovery plan. In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks, Verizon faced the tough task of trying to restore their downtown telecommunication services. Underground cables at a Verizon buildingRead more..

A Family Tradition

On a day that seemed like hell, a father and son fond solace in working together. ℘℘℘ Balancing against twisted beams on the remains of the World Trade Center, ironworker John Mooney was clearing the way for the rescue effort when he put his hand on the shoulder of the man working next to him.Read more..

Pete Hayden: Working
Through the Crisis

Pete Hayden was one of the principal Fire Department officers in charge on September 11. Hayden was in the North Tower, and made an early decision to move the command post out of the tower, which led to many lives being saved. Hayden spent the next couple of months working tirelessly through the crisis, leadingRead more..

Kevin E. Gallagher: Union Man

Kevin E. Gallagher, President of The Uniformed Firefighters Association was in the thick of things when the Giuliani administration made the decision to remove firefighters from recovery duty at the World Trade Center site, when so many of their brother firefighters and thousands of civilians were still missing. Infuriated firefighters and family members of theRead more..