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Ireland Finishes Fourth,
but Fighting

The Women’s Rugby World Cup took place in France in August, and the Irish team, true to form, upset the whole tournament, even if they didn’t make it to the podium. It started with a quarter-finals match against the New Zealand All Blacks, who have won the last four World Cups, and were expected toRead more..

Irish Soccer Stand-off Continues

You may have thought that the World Cup and the Roy Keane saga was over, but a series of new books on Ireland’s soccer greats threatens to reopen the wounds and will undoubtedly lead to new conflict between the warring factions in Irish soccer. Four explosive tell-all books are due for release in the comingRead more..

World Cup 2002:
The Beautiful Game

Americans call it soccer, everybody else calls it football, but whatever you call it, the exciting displays of skillful footwork and surprising results made the 2002 World Cup hosted by Japan and South Korea one of the best World Cups ever. If the word “soccer” does nothing for you other than conjure up a pictureRead more..

World Cup Fever

In our dreams we take out Spain, beat England on penalties and Jason McAteer scores the winning goal against Brazil in the World Cup Final. The Carlsberg beer ad which is running in Ireland at the moment may only be wishful thinking, but as the nation gears up for the greatest sporting occasion of theRead more..