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Jailing of Water Charge Protesters Condemned

Dublin Sinn Féin city councillor Mícheál Mac Donncha condemned the jailing of five water charge protesters in a statement issued on February 19. Councillor Mac Donncha said: “The jailing of water charge protesters is deplorable. These are citizens who engaged in peaceful protest as part of one of the biggest mass movements that we haveRead more..

100,000 Protesters March
Against Water Charges

Up to 100,000 protesters opposed to the introduction of water charges brought Dublin to a standstill in December when they rallied outside the Irish parliament building. The December 10th protest was the largest yet in what has become an increasingly strife-filled argument between the Irish government and the taxpayers. The charges, which are mandated byRead more..

Irish Say “No”
to Water Charges

While rain is free and plentiful and free in Ireland, it appears water is not. Public outrage is sweeping across Ireland over the introduction of mandatory water meters that would raise the cost of living for many in the country. With the introduction of the water meters, Ireland will be paying some of the highestRead more..