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FBI Head Visits Ireland

Robert S. Mueller III arrived in Ireland August 13 for a ten-day “private” visit. Much security and secrecy surrounded the visit, which started off with a round of golf at Lahinch Golf Club in Co. Clare. A regular golfing visitor to Ireland, Mueller was nominated by President Bush on September 4, 2001, becoming the sixthRead more..

Innisfree Holidays Begin

In July, the Langone family – the first of nearly 250 families to take part in the Innisfree Program – arrived in Ireland. the program, which is run by the US-Ireland Alliance, offers a week’s vacation in Ireland to the families of firefighters and police officers killed on September 11th. Sheila Langone of Roslyn Heights,Read more..

Into the West & Far East

On a drizzly morning in early summer — what the Irish refer to as a “soft day” — I’m doing something that has become rather commonplace during my numerous travels to Ireland. I’m talking about local history with two men who live in County Mayo and work at the Delphi Mountain Lodge and Spa. WeRead more..

Hitching in Ireland with Mom

In this land of fiercely independent people, who value their poets as highly as their warriors, our strategy was to be road-warriors by day and elegant country houseguests in the evening…  ℘℘℘ In 1922, my grandfather, James O’Sullivan, a captain in the fight for Ireland’s independence, emigrated from Ireland to the United States via CanadaRead more..

Never Mind the Weather!

Ireland offers a warm welcome, even in winter. ℘℘℘ Dublin: The wind and rain lashed furiously on the tarmac at Dublin Airport, rocking our Aer Lingus Airbus like a gondola exposed to the elements on a mountaintop. We hadn’t packed any sun block for this post-Christmas 2000 family trip to Ireland, but no one hadRead more..

Sweet Avondale

California redwoods in Ireland? Yes, you can find a fine grove at Avondale Forest Park in County Wicklow about an hour’s drive from Dublin. Avondale, now a national historic site and home of the Irish Forest Service, was the family estate of Charles Stewart Parnell, whose brilliant career as national leader in Ireland’s fight forRead more..

The Last Hurrah

President Bill Clinton’s third, unprecedented and final visit to Ireland as President had all the feelings of a homecoming. And why not? No other American President has devoted as much time, political energy and determination to bringing peace to Northern Ireland and economic development to the country as a whole as Bill Clinton. And itRead more..

The Punt Takes a Pounding…

If you’re planning a trip to Ireland, now’s the time. The Irish pound has hit a 15-year low in its exchange rate with the dollar, falling to as low as 95 cents at the time of going to press. It is expected that the rate will continue to fall due to the Euro’s weak performanceRead more..