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From the USA to Ireland

This passport picture of Peter Dolan and his son Andrew was taken in 1924 and was used when Peter took his then eleven-year-old son from Chicago to Ireland to be raised in what must have been at the time a rare incidence of emigration from the USA to Ireland. Dolan had been born in Croghan,Read more..

Film Forum: JFK vs. the
Joint Chiefs in Thirteen Days

On the morning of Saturday, October 20, 1962, I was in a station wagon with my family en route to Milwaukee’s Billy Mitchell Field to hear President John F. Kennedy make a campaign speech for Democratic congressional candidates. As we moved slowly in a long line of cars to the airport, the radio reported thatRead more..

British and Irish Governments Seek U.S. Ban on Real IRA

The Irish and British governments have asked the United States to designate the Real IRA as a terrorist organization, a step that would prevent the organization from raising funds in the U.S. The Real IRA is widely believed to be responsible for planting the bomb that killed 31 people – including unborn twins – inRead more..

Deportation Proceedings Dropped

The Department of Justice announced in the beginning of December that it would stop all deportation proceedings against six men with past connections to the IRA. The decision is the culmination of a three-year legal battle that began when each man’s case was temporarily suspended in 1997. Gabriel Megahey, Robert McErlean, Matthew Morrison, Brian Pearson,Read more..