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Irish Eye on Hollywood: HBO to Release The Plot
Against America
in March

One of the more interesting political novels in recent years is being brought to television by HBO, featuring several big Hollywood names as well as an up-and-coming actor from Northern Ireland. Back in 2004, celebrated writer Philip Roth released an unusual novel called The Plot Against America. Best known for his often comic and deeplyRead more..

Buckley to Break Boundaries in FARGO Season 4

℘℘℘ Decades from now, when we look back on this era of “peak TV,” shows like The Sopranos, Mad Men, and Breaking Bad are sure to appear near the top of many “Best Of” lists. But in the humble opinion of this entertainment writer, the FX series Fargo deserves to be mentioned in the sameRead more..

TV’s Newest Bachelor

When the reality TV show “The Bachelor” first aired on ABC, millions of swooning women tuned in every Monday night to watch the dreamy Alex Michel, Harvard graduate and reader of The Economist, charm 25 bachelorettes with carraige rides through Central Park and low-lit gondola dinners in Venice (swoon). This season, ABC has decided toRead more..

New Host for This Old House

Making his debut this season as host of the Emmy Award-winning series This Old House and Ask This Old House, Kevin O’Connor is the newest member of America’s favorite home improvement team. Prior to joining the show, O’Connor worked for Fleet Bank as a vice president in the sports finance group, not exactly a prerequisiteRead more..

Consumers Get Their
Irish Up Over 7Up Ads

Dr Pepper/Seven Up Inc. recently re-edited its U.S. television commercial when scores of irate Irish-Americans phoned in complaining of what sounded like a leprechaun shouting an ethnic slur. In the commercial, a foul-tempered leprechaun is pulling a wagon through the streets of New York City hawking dnL, Dr Pepper/Seven Up’s new caffeinated, carbonated fruit-flavored sodaRead more..

Out of Practice

Flynn Boyle and McDermott are gone. ℘℘℘ Budget cuts (ABC offered to pick up the show for an eighth season but only at a lower fee) are said to have forced David E. Kelley, the creator of The Practice, to let go two of the series stars, Lara Flynn Boyle and Dylan McDermott. “It hurts,Read more..

The Star of West Wing
Goes to Tipperary

Martin Sheen takes time out from a family reunion in Ireland to meet war protesters. ℘℘℘ Martin Sheen was in Ireland for a family reunion in May. His mother, Mary Ann Phelan, was born in 1903 in Borrisokane, County Tipperary, and Sheen and his brothers Frank, John and Carlos, and his sister Carmen, returned toRead more..

Reba’s Toothache

Reba McIntyre, who wowed them on Broadway in Annie Get Your Gun, has a new sitcom set to launch on the WB this fall. The show, called Deep in the Heart, features the country singer star as a mother whose teenage daughter is pregnant and whose dental hygienist is also in the family way, careRead more..

Lacey Meets Brecht in Dublin

Tyne Daly, known to TV viewers as Mary Beth Lacey, takes on a new role in Dublin. ℘℘℘ The character of Mary Beth Lacey is as firmly fixed in the collective televisual consciousness of the Irish as it is in Americans – perhaps even more so. Yet it’s hard to imagine Tyne Daly, the personRead more..

Steve Allen (1921 – 2000)

If the stars are twinkling a bit more lately, it’s because one of Earth’s brightest has taken his place in their midst. On November 1, Steve Allen passed away in his sleep and into the realm of legend. His wife, actress Jayne Meadows, once described him as “a good Irish Catholic boy. One of theRead more..