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MacWeeney’s Travellers at Ireland House

In 1965, looking for an image to illustrate the poetry of William Butler Yeats, Dublin-born photographer Alen MacWeeney stumbled into what he calls “a deep pool of hidden Irish culture” – the world of the people known as Travellers – and found himself “lost in their lives and stories” for almost six years. MacWeeney, collaboratingRead more..

Bare-Faced and Bare-Knuckled: Fighting Traveller Families

Filmed carefully over a period of twelve years, the documentary Knuckle sheds light on the inner workings and on-going feuds of three Irish Traveller clans. Up next for the film: a New York premiere and an HBO spin-off series. Don’t let the bandaged fist in the photo fool you. Knuckle, Ian Palmer’s documentary about theRead more..

The Travelling People

In a small village in County Galway, a group of parents decided to keep their children home from school. Their school has just 12 pupils between four and 12 years old, but parents closed it down for a week last September, because they wanted to keep other children out. The children they wanted to keepRead more..