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Sláinte! Clean Green

Summer is in full bloom! The days are longer, and the light is brighter. But with the drapes pulled back, and sunshine illuminating the corners of every room, suddenly everything looks a little dingy. The windows could benefit from a good washing. The chandelier has lost its gleam. Ditto the furniture. And while everything outdoorsRead more..

Irish Herbal Medicine

The oldest form of healing, long practiced in Ireland, proved just the thing for writer Jonathan Self. A leafy lane, not much more than a boreen really, dissects the middle of the Kingstons’ farmyard in Church Cross near Skibbereen. On one side lie the whitewashed farmhouse, weathered stone barns and tidy vegetable gardens typical ofRead more..

Sláinte! Mother Earth

Edythe Preet writes of the many reasons why Ireland is called the Motherland. Civilization began when hunter-gatherers learned to cultivate grain and evolved into permanent agricultural communities. Since males were the hunters and females the gatherers, anthropologists theorize it was most likely women who realized that grain grew from gathered seeds that could be deliberatelyRead more..

Irish Folk Furniture – Delightful Animated Short Wins Sundance & Our Hearts

Irish Folk Furniture, a short  film by Tony Donoghue, has won the prize for Best Animation at the prestigious (not to mention cool) Sundance Film Festival in Utah. Over the course of eight utterly delightful minutes, Donoghue uses stop motion animation and interviews to explore the fate of folk furniture in his Tipperary parish ofRead more..

Sláinte! Land of a Thousand Welcomes

How the tradition of hospitality to strangers has its roots in an ancient law. ℘℘℘ For more than a thousand years Ireland was regulated by the Brehon Laws. Here are a few of my favorite examples. If a person was stung by one of a beekeeper’s bees, the injured party was owed a portion ofRead more..

GAA Takes Off in Texas

In Dallas, Texas, it’s all about community and camaraderie over competition. Spurred by the success of the Celtic Cowboys, a Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) league formed in Austin in 2004, Fionn Mac Cumhaill GAA was founded in Dallas in 2010. Emmett Long, Brian Geraghty, Kevin McCann, Paddy Walsh and Davey Devlin were among the foundingRead more..

A Gaelic Storm Lights Up St. Louis

Patricia Harty writes about Helen Gannon and the Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Convention. Storm clouds gather over St. Louis, but Helen Gannon is unfazed as the tornado warning siren blares and we move into the center of the hotel, away from the windows. After many years of living here, she has made her peace with the weatherRead more..

St. Patrick’s Day Traditions in the U.S.

On the morning of March 17, 1853, Archbishop of New York John Hughes addressed a crowd of worshippers at St. Patrick’s Cathedral about the special significance that St. Patrick’s Day had taken on in recent years. He declared: “… the very misfortunes of a temporal kind that have fallen on Ireland have sent forth theRead more..


New Year – A Time of Big Portions Edythe Preet, Irish America columnist, Jan 2012 Who needs Hocus Pocus when we have global positioning satellite systems, cell phones, ipods, and full-body airport scanners? No one believes in magic anymore. Well, if that’s the case why do you suppose we stay out of a black cat’sRead more..

Sláinte! The Night of Cakes

No Christma-a-as! No Christma-a-as!” Such was the town crier’s chant in the streets of 17th-century Dublin when Ireland felt the hammer blow of Oliver Cromwell’s Puritan iron fist. Garlands of greenery were pulled down and publicly burned. Revelry was forbidden. Priests were imprisoned. But the Irish people found ways to celebrate their most loved holidayRead more..