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The Boxer

Looking out of a window of the famed Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn, John Duddy’s fresh young face lights up with sheer delight at even the sight of a blinding blizzard in early March 2005. Unperturbed, the 25-year-old fighter from Ireland says, “From the moment I arrived in New York I felt right at home here.”Read more..

Martin McGuinness: The Man, The Myth, The Minister

The evolution of Martin McGuinness – from high school dropout and IRA man to political leader seeking an end to violence and, finally, his emergence as Northern Ireland’s Minister for Education. ℘℘℘ If it’s fair to judge the effectiveness of a politician by the depth of his opponents’ dislike for him, then the Sinn FéinRead more..

Galileo: King of Kings

Can an Irish horse win the prestigious Breeders Cup? ℘℘℘ In 1907 the Epsom gallery was horrified to see an Irish owned, Irish trained (if Berkshire bred) horse, Orby, storm to victory at 100/6 in the most prestigious classic race for three-year-olds in the world, the Epsom Derby. The reaction of the top hat andRead more..

Just Judy

By the time Judy Garland made her first and only concert appearance in Dublin in July 1951, she had been an international star for more than a decade. She had starred in 27 feature length films, performed on more than 200 radio shows, appeared in hundreds of national and international magazines and newspapers, and recordedRead more..

Why Grandpa Should
Be in the Hall of Fame

On July 1st, 1920, my grandfather saved the only no-hitter ever thrown by the Hall of Fame pitcher Walter Johnson. Grandpa played first base for the Washington Senators, and he and Johnson were in Boston to play the Red Sox. When the ninth inning came around, only one Red Sox had made it to firstRead more..

Field of Dreams

How one Man’s dream became a reality. It all began with a castle. In 1987, a husband and wife from the nearby town of Ballyvaughan purchased a 16th-century tower house. Newtown Castle, along with a neighboring country house and a 17th-century coach house lately used to shelter cows. ℘℘℘ Yes, these were fixer-uppers. The slate-roofedRead more..

The Hottest Thing in Hats

It’s a hot night in Boston, hotter still in the narrow space of Studio Soto where barefoot models weave trance-like through the melting crowd. ℘℘℘ Exhibiting the kind of creative flair she’s known for, Ballina-born designer and hat maker Marie Galvin had forsaken the predictable run down the catwalk during Boston Spring Fashion Weekend inRead more..

Sister Act

How a committed sister freed her brother from prison. ℘℘℘ In 1980 the body of Katharina Brow was found in her trailer home in Ayer, Massachusetts. She had been stabbed to death and robbed of money and jewelry. Suspects were questioned but the case languished for two years until an anonymous phone call tipped theRead more..

The Irish Brigade
In the Civil War

“When anything absurd, forlorn, or desperate was to be attempted, the Irish Brigade was called upon.” – George Alfred Townsend ℘℘℘ No brigade in the Civil War was more distinguished by its ethnic character than the colorful, hard-fighting Irish Brigade. Repeatedly hurled into the hottest part of the fighting, these units, consisting mainly of IrishRead more..

Songs of the People

Tom Russell’s folk-rock album bears witness to American immigrant history. ℘℘℘ Singer and songwriter Tom Russell is a man of many worlds. Born in Southern California, he has led country music bands that played honky-tonks in such far-flung locales as Vancouver, Canada’s skid row and Oslo, Norway, traveled as a carnival entertainer in Puerto Rico,Read more..