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Duty, Honor & Country

During this time of political intransigence, we look back on Republican Senator John McCain as someone who knew how to cross the aisle for the good of the people. At the time of this conversation with Niall O’Dowd, McCain was looking ahead to the 2008 presidential election. Immigration was, as now, a hot issue thatRead more..

Discovery’s Down to Earth Commander

Eileen Collins presses her face against the glass of the shuttle. She is desperately trying to see something. Like anyone far from home when they see land, they look for what they know. Except for Eileen Collins, 48, far from home is outer space. And that little slice of familiarity is a country she visitedRead more..

The Irish Issue

As the 2004 United States Presidential Election Approaches, Irish Americans want to be informed of the candidates’ policies on Irish issues. Deanna Turner approached President George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry about their positions on immigration, the recent deportations of Irish republicans, the new U.S.-U.K. extradition treaty, the Good Friday Agreement, and what theRead more..

The Quare Fellow

As we commemorate the anniversary of the birth of Irish writer Brendan Behan in 1923 on February 9, Elizabeth Toomey writes about his time in New York. ℘℘℘ On September 3, 1960, the New York Daily News carried a photo of a beaming Irish playwright arriving at Idlewild airport was a glass of milk inRead more..

A Tale of Two Henrys
& Their Tractors

Henry “Harry” Ferguson was an inventor who was constantly tinkering and trying new things. In the course of his life, he helped to revolutionize the tractor, helped revive the fortunes of an American automobile company’s farm implements, and his name was known worldwide. Henry Ford was the son of emigrants from Cork who revolutionized automobileRead more..

One Life to Give

Chuck Feeney has just put into practice something he had been considering for many years. He has decided that all the vast wealth he accumulated in his lifetime should be given away while he is still alive. The graying, well preserved 72-year-old New Jersey native persuaded the board of Atlantic Philanthropies, which he created twoRead more..

The Irish Loop

A few years ago, Newfoundland tourism officials decided to give names to roads around some peninsulas to help travelers plan trips by calling attention to a region’s most significant feature. Along the Southern Shore (as it was always, and still is, known to residents) of Newfoundland’s Avalon Peninsula, there was no question what it wouldRead more..

Women in Northern
Ireland Politics

In war-torn Northern Ireland, for women to fight for equal rights would have been seen as a betrayal to the Nationalist or Unionist cause, Anne Cadwallader examines the position of women on the political front post ceasefires. ℘℘℘ The women of Northern Ireland have, in virtually every sphere of influence, through their work in theRead more..