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Margaret Tobin Brown: The Unsinkable Molly Brown

“I’m Unsinkable” Margaret Tobin Brown was reading a book in her first-class cabin on the Titanic when she heard a crash and was thrown to the floor by the impact. Pulling herself up, she went out into the corridor to investigate and saw her fellow passengers standing around in their nightwear. It was then sheRead more..

Irish Roots:
The History of the Tobins

Tobin is not an indigenous Irish name, but the family can be regarded as having become completely hibernicized. Its Irish form, Toibín, is a gaelicized version of the Norman ‘St. Aubyn.’ Another interpretation is that the name was first called de St. Aubyn and the original bearers were from Aubyn, in Brittany, France. According toRead more..

Tobin’s Field

John Liegl travels to Ireland to find his roots. ℘℘℘ My adventure began 40 years ago when I discovered that my great-great-grandparents John Tobin and Elizabeth Dooley had emigrated to America from Ireland in the 1860s. They settled in Montclair, New Jersey, raised a family and as far as I know never made it backRead more..