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The Titanic’s Irish Legacy

An excerpt from Titanic: True Stories of her Passengers, Crew and Legacy by Nicola Pierce explores three locations notable to the Irish links to the Titanic. ℘℘℘ THE NOVA SCOTIA GRAVEYARDS It was White Star Line who paid for the headstones that went up during the autumn of 1912. The Titanic bodies, those not claimedRead more..

End in Sight for Titanic’s “Heartbreak Pier” Restoration in Cobh

The final phase of renovations of the pier from which the Titanic launched its fateful maiden voyage began in January, with plans for completion in March 2019. This portion of the project is hoped to establish the long-abandoned structure as an attractive tourist destination. With the support of the Cork County Council and Port ofRead more..

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How Irish Was the Titanic?

This week marks the 104th anniversary of the sinking of the R.M.S. Titanic in the early morning hours of April 15, 1912. With the ship’s final port in Europe in Cobh, Ireland (then called Queenstown,) one does not have to dive too far into the story of the R.M.S. Titanic to find Irish connections. TheRead more..

Rare Titanic Artifacts
Up for Auction

The Belfast-built H.M.S. Titanic was thought to be unsinkable after it set sail from Cobh, Co. Cork, on its fated maiden voyage. Of the roughly 2,220 people aboard the Titanic, around 164 were Irish, only 54 of whom were found amongst the ship’s 700-some survivors. Its wreckage lay undiscovered until September 2, 1985, and nowRead more..

Margaret Tobin Brown: The Unsinkable Molly Brown

“I’m Unsinkable” Margaret Tobin Brown was reading a book in her first-class cabin on the Titanic when she heard a crash and was thrown to the floor by the impact. Pulling herself up, she went out into the corridor to investigate and saw her fellow passengers standing around in their nightwear. It was then sheRead more..

Titanic Belfast Opens for Ship’s Centenary

Titanic Belfast, the world’s largest Titanic-themed attraction, opened its doors to the public on Saturday, March 31. The giant complex is both owned and managed by the Titanic Foundation, a charitable trust. The foundation worked in partnership with the Belfast City Council to design an exhibition and space that would acknowledge Belfast’s prominent standing inRead more..

Titanic Commemoration in Ireland

Belfast is abuzz in preparation for the upcoming three-week-long Titanic Festival, which will both commemorate the centenary of the sinking of the Belfast-built ocean liner and celebrate the eagerly-awaited opening of Titanic Belfast, the centerpiece of city’s revitalized waterfront. The festival, which runs March 31 through April 22, will feature 120 events, including light shows,Read more..

The Irish on the Titanic

Maureen Murphy explores the seldom-told story of the third-class Irish passengers on board the doomed RMS Titanic – some were survivors, others were heroes and victims. There has been no disaster in the twentieth century quite like the sinking of the Titanic. It was peacetime; the weather conditions were perfect; the ship was the measureRead more..

Titanic Staircase Makes a Grand Entrance

As construction of the impressive and modern Titanic Belfast building speeds ahead, the past mingled nicely with the future on November 12 when a nearly exact replica of the grand staircase that sank with the doomed ocean liner was installed in the building’s Titanic Suite, which is set to become a 1,000-seat banqueting hall. TheRead more..


The Vibrant and Cultured City of the North Belfast is a city reborn. It blends the cultural sophistication of Europe with the unique history of the Irish and the vigor of a youthful population. Two highlights of Belfast to plan your trip around are the Titanic Quarter and Belfast’s legendary Festival at Queen’s University. THERead more..