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The Pirate Queen

The producers of The Pirate Queen, husband-and-wife team Moya Doherty and John McColgan, talk to Cahir O’Doherty. Between the first draft and the opening night the challenge of mounting a Broadway musical on the scale of The Pirate Queen is a high-wire act of artistic daring that few of us will ever have the courage orRead more..

The First Word: That Time of Year!

Mórtas Cine. Pride in our heritage! It’s that time of year, and thought we don’t need an occasion to feel pleased to be Irish, it’s kind of nice to be the center of attention as the St. Patrick’s season rolls around. We can look forward to reruns of The Quiet Man, watch the Irish TenorsRead more..


Mayor Richard J. Daley is back among us – live on the Chicago stage It’s him. The legendary Mayor Richard J. Daley, in the opening scene, kneeling to take morning communion as the priest says with a slight Irish accent, “The Lard be with you.” Daley, his hair slicked back, his jowls motionless, solemnly inRead more..