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Kerry Kennedy
Visits New Ross

Fans of Ireland, the U.S., and international politics descended upon the ancestral hometown of President John F. Kennedy, New Ross in County Wexford on September 6, as American human rights activist and daughter of Robert F. Kennedy, Kerry Kennedy, officially opened the sixth annual Kennedy Summer School, and was inducted into the Irish America HallRead more..

First Word:
The Ship of Hope

“The real members of the Hall of Fame are the parents and grandparents and great-grandparents who had the courage to come here.” – Donald Keough, the former president of Coca-Cola, and our first inductee into the Irish America Hall of Fame in 2010 It’s been a few years now but, the memory doesn’t go away.Read more..

Weekly Comment: New Ross
Celebrates Irish America Day

Celebrations are taking place this weekend in the southeast port town of New Ross in Co. Wexford to mark America’s Independence Day. Now in its fourth year, Irish America Fest looks set to be three days of live music, culinary delights and fun-filled activities planned to cater to all age groups. Events officially kick offRead more..

Third Annual Irish America Day, New Ross: Ireland’s Official July 4th Celebrations

The third annual Irish America Day has an action packed program of events for Ireland’s official Fourth of July celebrations on Friday in New Ross, Co. Wexford. Irish America day promises to be an exciting weekend for all the family to celebrate the U.S holiday in style with events continuing throughout the weekend. Keeping in line with U.S.Read more..

San Patricios Will Be Inducted Into the Irish America Hall of Fame

The San Patricio Battalion Pipe Band, whose namesake was made famous in the Mexican American War of 1846, is being inducted by the JFK Trust and Irish America Magazine into the Irish America Hall of Fame on August 8 with a reception at the Dunbrody Immigrant Experience in Wexford. This event sheds light on aRead more..

New Ross’ Town Crier Announces the Second Annual Irish America Day

Visitors to New Ross town might have been surprised to see a ‘Town Crier’ dressed as he would have in 1776, as he took to the quayside to practice reading the Declaration of Independence ahead of this week’s July 4th Irish American Day celebrations. An action packed programme of events for all the family wasRead more..

The Homecoming: The Kennedy Clan’s Irish Gathering for the JFK50

During John F Kennedy’s brief (four minutes) but powerful speech to the people of New Ross in 1963 he referred to his great grandfather, Patrick, who left the area in 1849 with nothing but “a strong religious faith and a strong desire for liberty”. A powerful illustration of how JFK adhered to his ancestor’s faithRead more..

The American Cousin: Memories of JFK’s Trip to Ireland

In June 1963, President John F. Kennedy made a series of state visits throughout Europe. To Germany, where he made his famous Ich bin ein Berliner speech; to Italy; to England; and to Ireland, the country his great-grandfather Patrick Kennedy had left in 1848. Dave Powers, assistant and close friend to the president, described JFK’sRead more..

I’ll Be Back In the Springtime – JFK in Ireland

Sean Reidy, CEO of the JFK Trust, looks back on President Kennedy’s visit to New Ross in 1963, and forward to celebrations on the 50th anniversary of that visit. “I’ll be back in the springtime” were the last words spoken by President John F. Kennedy before he boarded Air Force One to return to theRead more..

A Young Kennedy Returns to His Roots in Ireland

Bobby Kennedy III travels to New Ross, Co. Wexford for the Irish America Hall of Fame inductions of Robert F. Kennedy and Eunice Shriver Kennedy, and the inaugural Kennedy Summer School. The inaugural Kennedy Summer School was held in New Ross, Co. Wexford, September 6-8. Twelve separate events celebrated Irish-American history politics and culture, andRead more..