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Ireland: Culture and Heritage

When summer comes, Ireland’s in her glory. Lazy sunsets linger for hours in a softly glowing night sky. Every nook and cranny of the land turns lush and green. Roses ramble wildly up cottage walls and over stone stiles. Towering hedgerows turn country lanes into fragrant flowering tunnels. Music wafts on breezes everywhere. Fairs andRead more..

Photo Album: As Apple Pie

Proud of their country and their new house, Lawrence and Blanche Faron hosted the Faron family’s first July 4th clambake at their home in Millbury, Massachusetts in 1941. Lawrence’s grandfather Peter Faron (Fern) had emigrated to the United States as a boy with his mother and six siblings from Kileary, County Armagh, in May 1853,Read more..

Sláinte! Midsummer’s
Eve: St. John’s Day

One of summer’s finest gifts is its long hours of sunshine. This is especially true the farther one travels from the equator where a midwinter’s night is so long that only a few hours of pale gray twilight feebly light the day. Halfway around the seasonal wheel, the sun blazes forth in the same localeRead more..