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Remains of Famine Immigrants Reinterred on Staten Island

The remains of 83 Irish Famine immigrants were reinterred on Staten Island in late April as a crowd of over 700 came to pay their respects from as far away as Chicago. The remains were initially discovered in a mass grave during the construction of a courthouse parking lot in the borough. After examining theRead more..

Dorothy Day’s Staten Island
Home Demolished

The small waterfront bungalow in Staten Island, New York that Dorothy Day occupied late in life was razed in February to make way for a subdivision of million dollar homes. The act stunned the Landmarks Preservation Commission who were only days away from formally nominating the site for historic preservation and believed it had aRead more..

Film Review: Two Family House

Starring Michael Rispoli, Kelly MacDonald, and Kevin Conway. Written and directed by Raymond De Felitta. Lion’s Gate Films. ℘℘℘ In the tradition of films as diverse as Saturday Night Fever and Working Girl comes Two Family House, a charming movie about a blue collar guy who wants a little bit more than his drab backgroundRead more..