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From Sectarianism to Racism

The only sign that something happened here last night is the shower of shattered glass spread across the pavement. A few hours after a pregnant Pakistani woman and her brother-in-law moved in to this house in the Village area of south Belfast, a large plank of wood was hurled through their living room window, forcingRead more..

Martin McGuinness: The Man, The Myth, The Minister

The evolution of Martin McGuinness – from high school dropout and IRA man to political leader seeking an end to violence and, finally, his emergence as Northern Ireland’s Minister for Education. ℘℘℘ If it’s fair to judge the effectiveness of a politician by the depth of his opponents’ dislike for him, then the Sinn FéinRead more..

Loyalists Kill Young
Protestant Man

An 18-year-old Protestant man from Glengormley was shot to death by loyalists in front of his father recently – because his killers believed he was a Catholic. The murder of young Gavin Brett in front of his friends and family sent shockwaves through both sectors of the community. The loyalist paramilitary group known as TheRead more..