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Window on the Past: Victoria
& the Battering Ram (Photos)

Sean Sexton’s photographic archive, considered the finest privately-held collection of Irish photographs in the world, provide a poignant photo-history of evictions in the final decades of the 19th century. These images created a wave of sympathy for Irish tenants and embarrassed the British government into making legislative changes.  ℘℘℘ In 1900, Queen Victoria visited IrelandRead more..

First Word: How Looking Back Has Helped us Face Forward

As you will see when you turn the pages, we couldn’t stop with the photographs in this commemorative issue. From North America to Argentina, Australia to Ireland, and places in between, we bring you pictures of school children and senior citizens, native Irish and the descendants of Irish immigrants in far off lands, paying tributeRead more..

Ireland at War: Photos from the Sean Sexton Collection

These rare photos from the Sean Sexton Collection chronicle the years of terror following the Rising when the Irish were caught up in the War of Independence and the Civil War. ℘℘℘ You can read all you want of Irish history, but photographs give us a window to the past that words can’t. For theRead more..