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The Last Word: A Pall of Darkness Falls on Belfast

Thank Christ the murdered man was Catholic. No Catholic will say that on the record, but every northern Catholic knows what it means, and no Catholic has to amplify when it is said privately. It means that if Gerard Lawlor, aged 19, shot dead by loyalists last Sunday night [7.21.02] in north Belfast, had beenRead more..

Martin McGuinness: The Man, The Myth, The Minister

The evolution of Martin McGuinness – from high school dropout and IRA man to political leader seeking an end to violence and, finally, his emergence as Northern Ireland’s Minister for Education. ℘℘℘ If it’s fair to judge the effectiveness of a politician by the depth of his opponents’ dislike for him, then the Sinn FéinRead more..

SDLP Approves
New Police Plan

The latest proposed implementation plan on policing in Northern Ireland has been rejected by Sinn Féin, whose chairman Mitchell McLaughlin said the proposals – jointly put forward by the Irish and British governments – did not go far enough and failed to meet republican demands for radical change. However, in a move that widened theRead more..

Apprentice Boys to March

As we go to press, nationalists in South Belfast are planning to stage a protest in response to the Parades Commission’s decision to grant a loyalist organization permission to march through a Catholic neighborhood. However, the commission also ruled that the band accompanying the marchers should remain silent as it marched through the area. TheRead more..

Gerry Adams The Way Forward

Kelly Candaele talks to Gerry Adams about recent developments in Northern Ireland. ℘℘℘ Gerry Adams is no stranger to violence. In 1984, he told reporters that he believed there was a ninety percent chance he would be assassinated. Two months later, he was shot by loyalist paramilitaries. While he denies ever having been a memberRead more..

Chris Patten
Endorses Police Bill

The Republican and Nationalist communities suffered a blow in their efforts at police reform when Chris Patten, chair of the Patten Commission, endorsed the controversial Northern Ireland Police Bill which passed into law at the end of November. In the Belfast Telegraph Patten wrote that the new legislation, criticized by Nationalists as a watered-down versionRead more..

Women in Northern
Ireland Politics

In war-torn Northern Ireland, for women to fight for equal rights would have been seen as a betrayal to the Nationalist or Unionist cause, Anne Cadwallader examines the position of women on the political front post ceasefires. ℘℘℘ The women of Northern Ireland have, in virtually every sphere of influence, through their work in theRead more..

Trimble Wins Reprieve And Jeopardizes Good Friday Agreement

Another political crisis in Northern Ireland was narrowly avoided and a new one born when at the end of October Ulster Unionist Party leader David Trimble won his party’s confidence vote, defeating a challenge from anti-agreement MP Jeffrey Donaldson for the leadership of the UUP. This was the third challenge Trimble faced in his leadershipRead more..