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NUI Galway Collaborate on Global Antimicrobial Resistant Bacteria Study

NUI Galway participates in major international study showing sewage can reveal levels of antimicrobial resistance worldwide. ℘℘℘ A comprehensive analysis of sewage collected in 74 cities in 60 countries worldwide has yielded the first comparable global data which show the levels and types of antimicrobial resistant bacteria that are present in mainly healthy people inRead more..

Syrian Refugee in
Ireland Wins Science Award

Suad Al Darra, a master’s student studying computer science at NUI Galway’s College of Engineering and Informatics, was one of five winners at the recent Techfugees Global Challenge competition. Inspired by her own personal displacement journey, Suad discovered the power of big data during her studies and entered her “Refugees Are” project, a news analysisRead more..

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Newgrange’s Canine Key

A bone fragment found at Newgrange has the potential to rewrite the evolutionary history of dogs. ℘℘℘ DNA from a 4,800-year-old dog bone excavated at Newgrange, Co. Meath has put some bite in the bark of a new theory about the origins of the canine species – that man’s best friend may have in factRead more..