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Wild Irish Women: More Sinned Against Than Sinning

Pilloried by the press and railroaded to prison, she still managed to sail into the sunset. ℘℘℘ During the summer of 1965 in the East Bronx, the collective grief in Saint Raymond’s convent was almost palpable. The nuns learned that one of their students, a former Good Irish Catholic Girl, had brought shame on themRead more..

The Catholic Church in Crisis

As in the U.S., the Church in Ireland is in crisis over continuing allegations of clerical child abuse. The scandal has taken its first scalp with the forced resignation of the Bishop of Ferns, Dr. Brendan Comiskey, for his mishandling of child abuse cases in his diocese. But there is ongoing pressure on some ofRead more..

The Irish Blood Scandal

Haemophilia sufferers across Ireland are awaiting the outcome of the Lindsay Tribunal, which was set up to investigate how blood products were contaminated with HIV and Hepatitis C. But while Judge Alison Lindsay deliberates on one of the greatest scandals in Irish life, a deal has finally been hammered out to compensate the victims ofRead more..