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Reagan Democrats, Biden Time, and The Irish Swing Vote

If things were never simple they are even more complicated now, when we talk about the “Irish vote” as the 2020 presidential election nears. A 2017 Newsweek headline put it bluntly: “Why are all the conservative loudmouths Irish American.” The short answer: Um, they’re not. The longer answer: It’s complicated. But 2020 may finally beRead more..

The First Word:
The Greatest Country

“Most of us take it for granted how great our country is. We have the freedom of speech, and the Presidents of our country have never taken control of our personal lives.”  – Claire Cassidy, 10, student at St. Philip’s in San Francisco At a time when America is coming under criticism from many quarters,Read more..

President Reagan Remembered

From Ballyporeen to the White House, Niall O’Dowd looks at President Reagan’s Irish background and recalls an interview with the President’s brother, Neil. ℘℘℘ “Today I come back to you as a descendant of people who were buried here in pauper’s graves.” Thus did President Ronald Wilson Reagan announce himself when he visited the IrishRead more..

The Reagan Democrats

Say what you will about Ronald Reagan, but it can’t be denied that he changed the face not of just American politics, but Irish-American politics. Since the time of the Famine, when shrewd political bosses such as New York’s Boss Tweed saw votes in the desperate millions as they stepped off of coffin ships, Irish-AmericansRead more..

Hibernia: O’Neill Was
a Key Figure on North

New papers show influence with Reagan. ℘℘℘ Newly released files from the Reagan White House papers show that the Irish-American president was persuaded by a personal appeal by then House Speaker Thomas “Tip” O’Neill to intervene in the Northern Ireland issue. The Boston Globe, which surveyed the files under the Freedom of Information Act, revealedRead more..