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What Are You Like? Robert Ballagh

Robert Ballagh is one of Ireland’s most distinguished artists. Born in Dublin in 1943, he is represented in many important collections including the National Gallery of Ireland and the Irish Museum of Modern Art. Besides painting, has also produced book covers, posters, limited editions, over 70 stamps for the Irish postal service and the lastRead more..

Citizen Artist, Robert Ballagh

The extraordinary life and work of Robert Ballagh is celebrated in a new book, “Citizen Artist” by Ciaran Carty I’ve often called Robert Ballagh the perfect Dubliner. He married the city, walked it, photographed it, painted it, and Dublin in turn – no mean city – has embraced him. He’s just done a portrait ofRead more..

Robert Ballagh :
The Land and The Irish

In his latest work, Irish artist Robert Ballagh explores the relationship between the Irish and the land. ℘℘℘ March 10, 2002, New York: Looking remarkably fresh after a long plane fide from Dublin, artist Robert Ballagh took time to show me around the recent exhibition of his new paintings that were displayed so beautifully atRead more..