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Kevin McManus

In his role as North America Head of Services Sales for SAP, Kevin McManus has responsibility for all customers in the U.S. and Canada. Since joining SAP in 2005, Kevin has helped develop SAP Services into one of the largest professional services organizations of its kind. With a specialty in Mergers and Acquisitions, he has beenRead more..

Concern Worldwide:
Relief in Afghanistan

Concern Worldwide, an international relief organization founded in Ireland in 1968 (with offices in New York) to provide humanitarian aid to the poorest regions in 26 countries across four continents, has had a presence in Afghanistan since 1998. After the terrorist attacks of September 11 in New York and Washington, Concern workers were evacuated whenRead more..

Goal USA: Humanitarian Relief

Goal, an Irish humanitarian relief agency with offices in New York, is undertaking a major relief program in and around the Northern Afghan city of Mazar I Sharif. Like Concern’s personnel, Goal workers were evacuated from Afghanistan due to heightened insecurity following the September 11 attacks. Again like Concern, they refused to leave the regionRead more..

Concern In Afghanistan

“…We could see them [the Taliban soldiers] setting fire to houses on the hills around the village. We escaped before they captured our village. There were a lot of families, all running away from the Taliban. We all walked together until we got to Faizabad…To begin with we were given food by Concern and otherRead more..