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Sláinte! An Irish Christmas with a Drop of Scottish

Head back to Kansas with Dorothy, fly to Never Never Land with Peter Pan, and read about the two writers that gave us these wonderful characters. ℘℘℘ By mid-November and we are solidly into my favorite time of year. After the clocks are turned back and it gets dark early, for a brief three monthsRead more..

Sláinte!: New Wave Greens

The therapeutic benefits of seawater and seaweed baths, as well as seaweed as an important food source, is explored by Edythe Preet. ℘℘℘ I’ve got this thing about immersing myself in water. I like it body temperature or better. Thus, although Ireland has beaches aplenty, plunging into its frigid sea is out of the question,Read more..

See You in September

Americans vacation in July. Europeans do it in August. No one goes anywhere in September. During the peak summer months, regardless of continent, the shops are crowded, the beaches are jammed, flights are overbooked, and hotels (if you can even find one with a vacancy) charge astronomical rates. Come September, beds are bargains, shops offerRead more..

Chef Doherty’s Unconventional Fare

An Irish American chef will be responsible for feeding some 30,000 Democrats. ℘℘℘ It’s a big year for Boston. For the first time in U.S. history, the city will be hosting a presidential convention. From July 26-29 at Boston’s state-of-the-art FleetCenter sports stadium, the Democratic National Convention will welcome some 5,000 delegates from 56 stateRead more..

Slainte: The Queen of Flowers

One Sunny June afternoon several years ago, I stood on a Wicklow cliff overlooking the Irish Sea. All around me, mounds of wild roses covered the ground. No genetically crafted sterile blooms were these. Each delicate flower — and there were hundreds upon hundreds crowding the canes that tumbled in every direction — had butRead more..

The Night of the Big Portion

In Ireland, the last night of the year was called Oiche na Cada Moire, The Night of the Big Portion. It was common practice to have a big supper that night to ensure a full cupboard and plenty to eat in the twelve months to come. Of course, the custom dated back to a timeRead more..

Sláinte! Hooray for St. Stephen and Up Sraid Eoin!

I look forward to the Christmas holidays more than anyone I’ve ever known. In addition to the main events, my birthday falls smack dab in the middle between Christmas and the New Year. All my life I’ve heard people say, “Oh you poor dear.” Even when I was a child, I thought those naysayers wereRead more..

Sláinte! Oats:
The Original Comfort Food

Call me crazy, but oatmeal cookies have never had a spot on my favorite foods list. They’re too sweet. I prefer my oats prepared in such a way that I can really taste the full nutty flavor. I even enjoy eating them by the dusty flaky mouth-gumming uncooked handful. That taste quirk may be aRead more..

Sláinte: Christmas Is Coming & The Goose Is Getting Fat

Christmas is one of those words that immediately brings thoughts to mind. First, and foremost in these troubled times, is the hope for peace on earth. Hard on the heels of our heartfelt sentiments come the tumbling images of gifts and feasting. Deluged by jolly Santa Clauses, decorated evergreen trees, and twinkling light displays duringRead more..

The Irish Roots of Halloween

Ask anyone to name five favorite holidays, and it’s a sure bet Halloween will be on the list. Then ask how the celebration came to be. More than likely you’ll be told Halloween means All Hallows Eve the night of prayer preceding the Feast of All Saints. Yes, but there’s more to it than that.Read more..