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Sectarianism Filters
Down to Next Generation

“Proud to be a Baby Prod” is the slogan on the infant bibs that adorn many small children during the North’s marching season. But a new survey has confirmed what was obvious to most observers: that children in the six counties are following the same sectarian ways as their parents. Three-year-old Catholics in the NorthRead more..

Loyalists Kill Young
Protestant Man

An 18-year-old Protestant man from Glengormley was shot to death by loyalists in front of his father recently – because his killers believed he was a Catholic. The murder of young Gavin Brett in front of his friends and family sent shockwaves through both sectors of the community. The loyalist paramilitary group known as TheRead more..

Life’s Lessons

In the summer of 1998 Katie McMahon was in Belfast following the peace process and completing her study on the political murals. It was there, on a littered soccer field, that she received her calling. “Hey Missus! Give us a go on yer bike!” A group of young boys had caught sight of her onRead more..