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The Troubled Life
of Maeve Brennan

In her new biography of Maeve Brennan, Angela Bourke includes two photographs taken around 1948. In one, Brennan, a delicate-looking young woman dressed in black, is sitting in front of the fire looking over her shoulder, a cigarette in her left hand. With her hair fixed tightly in a bun and her lips pursed, sheRead more..

The Irish Scrubwoman

In the days when “No Irish Need Apply,” my maternal grandmother, Margaret McCabe Ackerson, was lucky to find work scrubbing office floors to support her five children. My aunt remembers sitting as a little gift on the curb in front of their East 29th Street, Manhattan tenement until her widowed mother came home around midnight.Read more..

Meet Eve Bunting

It was only natural that the young Eve Bolton would grow up to be a writer, and a very prolific one who would produce more than 200 books for children. From her earliest years in Maghera, a small town in County Derry, books and stories filled her life. Both of her parents were great readers.Read more..

John Sweeney:
Defending America’s Workers

In March, 2004, John Sweeney, then president of the AFL-CIO with three million workers under watch, was Irish America Magazine’s Irish American of the Year. In this far-reaching interview with Sarah Buscher, then Irish America’s assistant editor, Sweeney talked about the plight of immigrants; working families; and growing up in the Bronx, the son ofRead more..

One Life to Give

Chuck Feeney has just put into practice something he had been considering for many years. He has decided that all the vast wealth he accumulated in his lifetime should be given away while he is still alive. The graying, well preserved 72-year-old New Jersey native persuaded the board of Atlantic Philanthropies, which he created twoRead more..

Dennis Swason: WNBC

Dennis Swanson is president and general manager of WNBC in New York, the flagship station of the NBC network. Less than a week after the World Trade Center tragedy, WNBC-4 launched a public service campaign entitled “We Shall Overcome.” The two-minute video featured Fire and Police Department and civilian rescuers accompanied by a Bruce SpringsteenRead more..