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Bill Clinton, Enda Kenny and more at Invest in Ireland Forum

Ireland is open for business and the diaspora will be key in its economic recovery. Staying true to a proposal he made last October at the second Global Irish Economic Forum in Dublin, former president Bill Clinton brought close to two dozen of America’s highest ranking CEOs and key corporate players together for a roundtableRead more..

Presidential Visits to Ireland

President Obama’s visit brought the number of U.S. Presidents who have visited Ireland to seven. Tom Deignan looks back at some memorable visits and some that barely registered. Ollie Hayes runs a cozy pub in Moneygall, County Offaly. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. It was at Ollie Hayes Pub, after all, that President Barack Obama tossed backRead more..

Bill Clinton on Ireland’s Economic Crisis and Recovery

Excerpts from Bill Clinton’s address at the 2011 Irish America Hall of Fame celebration. “Most of us go back to Ireland and feel immediately at home in a way that’s impossible to describe. Most of us feel an inexpressible pride, not only in our roots, but in the fact of the peace and the factRead more..

President William J. Clinton:
Irish America Hall of Fame

Politician, peacemaker, and hero to millions of Irish. As a major supporter of the Irish peace process, Bill Clinton moved mountains.  The 42nd President of the United States took the strongest position on Irish issues ever taken by an American president. In 1994, he granted a visa to Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams, fulfilling aRead more..

President William J. Clinton

Politician and Peacemaker  “The [Irish] people want peace; the people will have peace.” Bill Clinton, Belfast City Hall, 30 November 1995 President Clinton was a major supporter of the Irish peace process. He took the strongest position on Irish issues ever taken by an American president. His Irish roots are from his mother, Virginia CassidyRead more..