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Fighting Poverty and Climate Change

℘℘℘ Global poverty and climate change can be averted by 2030. That’s according to Declan Kelly, a businessman from Portroe in Tipperary. Speaking on Ireland’s Late, Late Show in November, Kelly outlined “Global Goal Live: The Possible Dream,“ which aims to do just that. The United Nations has 17 global goals for sustainable development andRead more..

Weekly Comment:
Irish Non-Profit Raises $20K for Extreme Poverty

Of the 7.2 billion people living today, 1.2 billion live below the line of extreme poverty. In order to combat this grim reality, Concern Worldwide, an Irish charity dedicated to the eradication of extreme poverty in the world’s poorest places, became one of several Live Below the Line partner charities for the first time thisRead more..

Poverty in Ireland Doubles

The latest CSO figures in Ireland uncover a troubling statistic regarding Ireland’s poor. The figures show that poverty has doubled in Ireland since 2008. One in six children and one in ten people over 65 are at risk of poverty, with 1.4 million people currently experiencing some kind of deprivation, an increase of 128% since 2008.Read more..

News From Ireland:
Irish Children Among Europe’s Poorest

According to a survey conducted by the Combat Poverty Agency, Irish children are the third poorest in the European Union, with one in four living in poverty. They are worse off than children of the majority of E.U. countries, including the poorer countries Greece and Spain. Over two-thirds of all poor children come from out-of-workRead more..