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Photo Album:
Kilcar, My Donegal Playground

When we were children, my brother and I spent our summers in southwest Donegal in the village of Kilcar, with my mother’s people. Our parents sent us there so they could build their business in Buncrana, a tourist town 100 miles north. For me the journey southwest was an opportunity to switch one thriving locationRead more..

Kerry: The Beautiful Kingdom (Photos)

Photographer John Wesson on the landscape and people of Kerry that captured his imagination more than 30 years ago. ℘℘℘ I am lucky enough to have had a long association with Kerry, having returned on a regular basis for nearly 30 years. Each year I spend more and more time in “The Kingdom.” In mostRead more..

Irish Artist Awarded for Refugee Shots

Irish photographer Richard Mosse was awarded the 2017 Prix Pictet photography award in May for his Heat Maps series, which tracks the journeys of Middle Eastern and North African refugees with the use of a military-grade surveillance camera designed to detect body heat. The device is classified as a weapon under international law. Mosse intendedRead more..

Weekly Comment: Irishman Matthew Brady & the Founding of American Photography

Today is World Photo Day, celebrated for the 177th anniversary of the French Academy of Sciences announced the invention of the daguerrotype. This article has been excerpted and adapted from “Portraits of a Nation at War” (October / November 2013). _______________ Thanks to Mathew Brady and his team of photographers – including Irish immigrant TimothyRead more..

Photo Essay:
Ireland in Seven Days

Whoever coined the Irish proverb “When God made time, he made plenty of it” must have been blessed with immortality, or unlimited vacations. The rest of us measure our lives in years and our time off in weeks or days. If this has prevented you from visiting the land that spawned that bit of wisdom, take heartRead more..

Photo Essay:
Dreams of the Old Country

The haunting distinctive photographs of emigrant Richard Fitzgerald When I began taking photographs of Ireland some forty years ago I felt an immediate connection with Irish emigrants in America, the thousands of people who had left the old country to begin a new life in Boston and New York. The landscape back home was dottedRead more..

The Light of Munster

If I could be dropped anywhere in Ireland with my camera and lenses, I’d choose the region of Munster nearly every time. The spectacular cliffs on the coast of Clare, the wild headlands of the Kingdom of Kerry – the landscape is rugged and the coastline endless. But photography is so much about light, andRead more..

Portals to the Past

I love to drive around Ireland, especially if I have the luxury of time. I aim my car in the direction that I hope to end up, and then take the by roads, leaving the highway behind. Many of the old “main” roads are still in use and, though narrow by today’s standards, they areRead more..

On the Waterfront

Joe Weatherby repurposes old ships, such as the USS Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg, a decommissioned World War II troop carrier, and turns them into eco-friendly sunken reefs that support sea life, attract divers, and even become an underwater museum.  Combine the Life of Riley with a good amount of Walter Mitty; toss in a heapRead more..

Portraits of a Nation at War

An exhibition on the Civil War, featuring photographs by Mathew Brady, Timothy O’Sullivan and others, and a new biography of Brady, are reviewed by Tom Deignan. One of the most chilling portraits in the exhibition “Photography and the American Civil War” – which just finished a five-month run at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art –Read more..