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Remembrance and Hope: 9/11 Fifteen Years On

Back in July, on a hot afternoon at Kennedy International Airport in Queens, a truck carried a 40,000-pound piece of debris – draped in an American flag – out of a building known as Hangar 17. The building, for well over a decade, housed over 2,000 items collected from the rubble of the World TradeRead more..

Irish America’s Tour of Ireland

Irish America with CIE Tours International arranged a very special trip to Ireland for our readers this past October. Highlights included a medieval feast and some fantastic sightseeing. ℘℘℘ Having the good fortune to contribute photographs to Irish America, I would on occasion drop a not-so-subtle hint to editor Patricia Harty, that I was alwaysRead more..

September 11:
A Year in Pictures

Photographer Peter Foley spent many months documenting the aftermath of September 11. His images, though unobtrusive, capture the emotion of the tragedy and offer a glimpse into the lives of those left behind. ℘℘℘ ♦

The First Word:
What Falls Away

“One hundred and fifty years after the Famine, the spirit of the Irish people was the backbone which America relied upon during the worst attack in our nation’s history.”  – Rudy Giuliani at the Irish Famine memorial dedication in New York. ℘℘℘ It’s hard to believe it’s only a year. So much has changed, itRead more..

Peter Foley: Photographer

On September 11, Peter Foley was riding his bicycle near the West Side Highway in Manhattan when his cell phone rang with the terrible news that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. Not yet realizing the scale of the disaster, but following his instincts as a photographer, Foley immediately set off forRead more..