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From a Donegal Rowboat to Olympic Gold: The Untold Irish-American Story of the
1964 Tokyo Olympics

Billions of viewers will watch the Tokyo Olympics this summer. You can bet there will be countless feature stories about the 1964 Olympics when Japan first hosted the games. Keep an eye open for a detailed recounting of the historic showdown between the German and American teams in the eight man rowing competition, a marquis event inRead more..

USA Women’s Hockey Team Wins Gold with a Rooney at the Goal

The USA Women’s National Hockey Team came away with their first gold medal since the sport was introduced to the games in 1998, beating Canada in the final round on February 22 in a 3-2 nail-biting shootout. Chief among those responsible for the team’s historic win is none other than Irish American Maddie Rooney (right),Read more..

Weekly Comment:
Meet Ireland’s Olympians

With the Olympics closing ceremony this weekend, get to know the Irish competitors. Though none came away with medals, there was plenty of spirit to go around. ℘℘℘ The 2018 Winter Olympics, held this year in Pyeongchang, South Korea, saw Ireland represented by five singular athletes who competed in a host of skiing and snowboardingRead more..

The Irish Olympic Diaspora

Ireland had a reasonable showing at the 2016 Summer Olympics with two silver medals, including the country’s first for rowing (see right). But what about the Irish diaspora? How did the descendants of emigrants fare in the Rio games? And what would Ireland’s team score have looked like if the diaspora competed as a country?Read more..

Silver Streak:
Ireland’s Olympic Medals

Gary and Paul O’Donovan, of Lisheen, Co. Cork, made history at the Rio Olympic Games in August when they secured the country’s first ever medal in a rowing event. The brothers, who sped from fifth position at the halfway point, came in second place in the lightweight men’s double sculls, a feat which also markedRead more..

Rory McIlroy Withdraws From 2016 Olympic Games

Rory McIlroy, who was chosen to represent Ireland in Brazil’s 2016 Olympic games, announced in July that he would not be competing. The Northern Irish golfer issued an official statement, explaining that his concerns about the mosquito-borne Zika virus were behind this change of heart. The virus has been speculated to result in extreme birthRead more..

Against All Odds: Irish Gymnast Kieran Behan Becomes an Olympian

When he was eight years old, Kieran Behan developed a passion for gymnastics. Two years later, a botched operation on his leg did permanent nerve damage to his foot, almost dashing his dream in its infancy. Bound to a wheelchair, he was taunted by classmates, and was warned by doctors that he might never walkRead more..

Running Rings Around the Empire: The 1908 Olympics

As Britain hosts the Summer Olympic Games in London, we look back on the first great modern Olympic confrontation between the United States – most of whose top athletes were Irish – and Britain, which took place in London in 1908. Notably, they were the last Olympic Games at which the judging committee was madeRead more..

The Glory Days of Celtic Park

One of the premier track- and-field training facilities in the world in its time, Celtic Park produced more than two dozen Olympic medalists who collectively won more than 50 medals for the U.S. Olympic team, and more than a dozen for other countries. In the early 20th century, amateur athletics were viewed as a richRead more..

News: Show Jumping Win Lifts Irish Gloom

Cian O’Connor jumped for gold at the equestrian events in Athens to send the Irish tricolor aloft for the first time in the Olympic Games. The 24-year-old County Meath show jumper won the individual event with a magnificent clear round on Waterford Crystal to defeat defending world champion Rodrigo Pessoa of Brazil. O’Connor’s epic performanceRead more..