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Cork Hosts Summit
on Climate Change

With the theme “shared voices from small island nations,” the 2019 SeaFest and Our Ocean Wealth Summit in Cork, 7-9 of June, focused on the importance of protecting the world’s oceans from the impacts of climate change and ensuring a sustainable long-term future for the marine economy as a whole. “As a small island, IrelandRead more..

Digital Ocean Launches Ireland’s First Undersea Observatory

Ireland’s first undersea observatory was launched in June as part of an event for the Digital Ocean, a data resource of the Irish Marine Institute. The Digital Ocean represents Ireland’s opportunity to establish itself as a leading innovator in marine data for research, economic improvement, and social growth. The new SmartBay observatory is located in GalwayRead more..

Discovery at Pearl Harbor

The search for the Japanese midget sub sunk off Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941, had been ongoing for 61 years until TERRY KERBY came along. Pat Bigold talks to the man who made the most significant modern marine archaeological find ever in the Pacific, second only to the finding of the Titanic in the Atlantic.Read more..