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Wild Irish Women: Dr. James Barry

The famous British Army surgeon was actually an Irish woman. ℘℘℘ Dr. James Barry was born in County Cork as Margaret Anne Bulkley, the daughter of Jeremiah and Mary-Ann (neé Barry). Accounts vary on the year of her birth but whether it was 1789 or 1795, women were denied a formal education. Her father wasRead more..

Military Physicians:
Like Father, Like Daughter

Dr. Francis O’Donnell and his daughter, Dr. Mary O’Donnell, have dedicated their careers as physicians to serving our soldiers. The story of their service to their country and to our servicemen and women is a reminder of what makes our military great – the people. “I was not interested in the military,” Francis O’Donnell recalls.Read more..

My Grandfather’s War

OVER 210,000 IRISH ENLISTED IN THE BRITISH ARMY DURING WORLD WAR I. AMONG THEM WERE DOCTORS SUCH AS MY GRANDFATHER WHO TENDED THE WOUNDED AND SAW THE BRUTALITY OF MODERN WARFARE UP CLOSE.  “A British advance has just begun, and the surgeons of a Divisional Collecting Station near the Somme are awaiting the arrival ofRead more..