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Hall of Fame:
Broadcaster Adrian Flannelly

He’s been praised by the New York Daily News as the “Dean of Irish Radio in the United States,” by New York Newsday as “a promoter of incredible charm and energy,” by The Irish Times as “an entertainer, lobbyist, and an entrepreneur,” and by The New York Times as “an avuncular host.” He is Adrian Flannelly, host of his own radio show, which is broadcastRead more..

What Are You Like?
Malachy McCourt

Malachy McCourt at 80: his wit and wisdom “Do I contradict myself?” Walt Whitman famously asked. “I contain multitudes!” Malachy McCourt might say the same about himself. Arriving in America in 1952 from County Limerick at age 20 with $4.00 in his pocket, he was soon drafted into the United States Air Force and servedRead more..

Edward Kennedy

The Senior Senator

If you ask his fellow senators – liberals or conservatives – who’s on their list of the hardest-working and best senators, Edward Kennedy’s name is always there. Throughout his tenure he has defended the poor, elderly, and handicapped of the country, and any significant legislation affecting these groups in the areas of education, jobs, housing,Read more..