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Boston Irish Fight Today’s Famines

After building a $1 million memorial park last year to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Irish Famine, Boston’s Irish community is turning its attention toward people suffering from contemporary famines throughout the world. A proposed Irish Famine Institute that blends social activism and academic research is currently in the planning stages in Boston. OrganizersRead more..

Barbara Lynch:
Cooking for the City She Loves

With ingenuity, a lot of talent, and a passion for cooking, Barbara Lynch rose from cooking for the priests in her Southie neighborhood to one of the top chefs and restaurateurs in the country. ℘℘℘ “Seven minutes and a world away” is how Boston chef Barbara Lynch describes the two places she has straddled inRead more..

Boston and the Irish Rising

The battle for the hearts and minds of the Boston Irish took a sharp turn in the aftermath of the 1916 Irish Rising. Prior to the 1916 Rising, Boston’s Irish community had maintained some equilibrium between those who favored constitutional methods of Home Rule, and those for physical force and agitation. And within this spectrum wereRead more..

iFest Comes to Boston

Boston is set to welcome a new Irish festival this fall, as iFest makes its North American debut at the Seaport World Trade Center September 26-28.   Described as a premium showcase of contemporary Irish culture, entertainment and innovation, iFest features an all-star cast of culinary masters, musicians, fashion designers and athletes to present aRead more..

Boston’s Man of the People: Marty Walsh

There was world renowned musician Yo-Yo Ma on center stage, playing an audacious solo of Danny Boy on his cello before 8,000 enraptured listeners. Mid-way through the performance and without missing a note he suddenly turned around to smile and nod at a pretty, proper Irish woman named Mary Walsh sitting behind him with herRead more..

A Thousand Days of Grace

As we mark the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination Michael Quinlin reflects on Kennedy’s vision, his desire for a united Ireland, his love of poetry, and what his presidency meant to Irish Boston. President Kennedy’s thousand days in office marked an epoch in the Boston Irish story. One man stepping forth from aRead more..

Boston Marathon: The Road to Recovery

Jane Richard is dancing again. Jane Richard, the tiny Irish step dancer from Dorchester, who lost her left leg in the Boston Marathon bombing in April, endured 12 operations on her leg last Spring, followed by months of physical therapy at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. Jane’s nine year old brother Martin was killed by theRead more..

Believe in Boston: Reflections on the Boston Marathon

Following the unspeakable tragedy, the city of Boston showed amazing courage and resilience. Michael Quinlin writes of how the race served as an inspiration from the beginning. To prepare for the Boston Marathon you must approach it as a pilgrimage, a personal journey into your interior, a promise you make to yourself that you willRead more..

The World Peace Jubilee & International Music Festival

For 18 days in the summer of 1872, Patrick S. Gilmore, an Irish-born impresario, led the largest concert in history. Some 20,000 singers and 2,000 musicians from around the world descended on Boston to participate in the World Peace Jubilee and International Music Festival, which ran from Bunker Hill Day to the Fourth of July,Read more..

Honey Fitz & Sweet Caroline: A Century of Fenway

The Red Sox and the City of Boston celebrate the 100th anniversary of one of  America’s most beloved ballparks. Honey Fitz, aka John Francis Fitzgerald, would have loved the pageantry of “Fenway 100,” the celebration of Boston’s Fenway Park on April 20, 2012. The grandfather of President John F. Kennedy would have especially relished theRead more..