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Roots: The O’Hara Clan

The name O’Hara has held a distinguished place in Ireland for centuries. The current spelling is an anglicized pronunciation of the original Irish Ó hEaghra, meaning “descended from Eaghra” (rhymes with “Tara”). Bearers of the name are believed to be the generational offspring of 10th century Irish chief Eaghra (d. 976), who governed the areasRead more..

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Watch This Archive Footage of Maureen O’Hara’s Academy Awards Surprise

Maureen O’Hara has heard a banshee, played camogie, and more from a 1957 episode of “This Is Your Life.” ℘℘℘ At the 1957 Academy Awards TV host Ralph Edwards surprised Maureen O’Hara mid-way through an interview about her upcoming film The Wings of Eagles. But it turns out that the interview itself was staged andRead more..

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Preserving The Quiet Man Railway Station

In John Ford’s 1952 The Quiet Man, the introduction of Irish American lead character Sean Thorton, portrayed by cinematic legend John Wayne, is integral to the plot that will soon unfold. The narration that accompanies his first moments on screen is simple: “A fine, soft day in spring it was when the train pulled intoRead more..

Bronwyn Brigid FitzSimmons
(1944 – 2016)

Bronwyn, daughter of legendary Irish actress Maureen O’Hara passed away on May 25, 2016 in Glengarriff, County Cork, Ireland. The memorial service was being held in Glengarriff on June 11th. Bronwyn was born in Los Angeles on June 30th, 1944, daughter of Maureen (O’Hara) FitzSimons Price and Will Price.  During her childhood and teen years she explored the possibility ofRead more..

Farewell to Our Beloved Maureen O’Hara

I.M. Maureen FitzSimons Blair August 17, 1920 – October 24, 2015 
 Maureen O’Hara has died at the age of 95. Born on August 17, 1920 in Dublin, the legend of the silver screen passed away on October 24 at her family home in Boise, Idaho. Her family said in a statement: “It is with a sad heartRead more..

Maureen O’Hara’s 95th Birthday

On Monday, August 17, legendary actress, and most famous redhead of them all, Maureen O’Hara celebrated her 95th birthday at a small gathering of friends and family hosted by her grandson, Conor, and his wife, Elga FitzSimons in Boise, Idaho. To honor the occasion, fans who frequent the Maureen O’Hara Magazine on Facebook website were encouragedRead more..

“Quiet Man” Cottage
Given Protected Status

There were huge sighs of relief and joy from thousands of fans when they learned that the iconic thatched cottage “White o’ Morn” that featured in The Quiet Man movie, starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara, had been placed under state protection. Galway County Council voted unanimously in late July to add the 19th centuryRead more..

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Watch These Moving Birthday Tributes for Maureen O’Hara

On Monday, Irish screen legend Maureen O’Hara turned 95, and tributes to her were sent in from around the world. More than 60 fans from places as far ranging as Sweden, Australia, and Idaho uploaded 30-second videos to YouTube to create a moving celebration of her life and work. Organized by Maureen O’Hara Magazine, theRead more..

Maureen O’Hara:
“The Greatest Guy”

This interview with silver screen legend Maureen O’Hara was the cover story for the June/July 2004 issue of Irish America (above left). O’Hara was inducted into the Irish America Hall of Fame in 2011 (in the images center and right ) she greets fans as she arrives at the Irish America Hall of Fame MuseumRead more..

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“Quiet Man” Cottage Given
Protected Status

UPDATE: In the wake of Maureen O’Hara’s death earlier this month, a new petition has been started by fans hoping to see the Co. Galway cottage where The Quiet Man, one of her best-known films, was shot faithfully restored in her memory.  The petition was started by Patrick McCormack, founder of the White O’Morn Foundation, and has amassedRead more..