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Celebrities Hand Over Purses

Celebrities have handed over their purses, literally, in aid of a good cause. In January, Concern Worldwide held an auction to raise money for its work assisting the impoverished in developing parts of the world. Isabella Rossellini, Barbara Walters, and Marian Keyes were a few of the names who donated their handbags to be auctioned.Read more..

Marian Keyes’ L.A. Story

The author of such works as Rachel’s Holiday and Sushi for Beginners talks to Siobhán Tracey about her new book set in L.A. ℘℘℘ Anyone who has ever read one of Marian Keyes’ novels will already have an impression of the author’s irrepressible sense of fun, which finds humor in situations not obviously funny. And in theRead more..

Book Reviews

RECOMMENDED For decades, one simple question has split the Irish on both sides of the Atlantic into two warring factions: Do you love or loathe The Quiet Man, that 1952 stage Irish classic starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara, and directed by John Ford? Ford himself was often more Irish than the Irish themselves, makingRead more..