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An Evening for Maeve

Friends, writers, publishers and fans gathered at Glucksman Ireland House for an evening of remembering Maeve Binchy. Random House and Maeve Binchy’s publisher/editor, Carole Baron hosted a tribute to the Irish writer on Thursday evening, April 4 at Glucksman Ireland House at NYU. It was a fun night, full of laughter and stories – aRead more..

Review of Books

Recently published books of Irish and Irish American interest. To purchase these books visit Kenny’s Bookshop here. Recommended
 The Bottom of the 33rd: 
Hope, Redemption and Baseball’s Longest Game
 Dan Barry, renowned New York Times columnist and two-time Pulitzer Prize nominee, saw something in the longest game in the history of professional baseball: that itRead more..

A Day to Make St. Patrick Proud

Maeve Binchey, the renowned Irish author, explains how St. Patrick’s Day has changed in Ireland. St. Patrick’s Day used to be the dullest day in the Irish calendar until we got sense and learned to follow our transatlantic brethren and make it into a carnival. When I was young in the 1950s, March 17 wasRead more..

Book Reviews

A sampling of the latest Irish books. ℘℘℘ RECOMMENDED Nights of Rain and Stars Maeve Binchy There was a rumor a few years back that the best-selling Irish storyteller Maeve Binchy was going to pack it in and retire. Well, that rumor itself can be retired, because Binchy is back with a new novel entitledRead more..

Maeve Binchy Reflects
on Her Career

No one tells stories like Irish writer Maeve Binchy. Humane, down-to-earth, funny, her novels have captured imaginations on both sides of the Atlantic in a way most authors only dream of. Millions of her fans were disappointed when she announced last year she was retiring from both novel writing and her weekly column with TheRead more..