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Saying Goodbye

It’s easier to accept loss if you get to say goodbye. It doesn’t make it any less painful or tragic, but it’s the finality that’s missing for so many who were impacted by the events of September 11th. ℘℘℘ We caught 130 pounds of lobster this morning. The tide was high and the ocean wasRead more..

The First Word:
What Falls Away

“One hundred and fifty years after the Famine, the spirit of the Irish people was the backbone which America relied upon during the worst attack in our nation’s history.”  – Rudy Giuliani at the Irish Famine memorial dedication in New York. ℘℘℘ It’s hard to believe it’s only a year. So much has changed, itRead more..

Fathers & Sons

Amidst the hundreds of rescue workers searching at Ground Zero in the months after the 9/11 attacks, many were fathers looking for their sons. Some were firefighters still on the job, some retired, and some never officially with the Department, but all joined in the search for their boys. This is a story about five ofRead more..

The Heart of a Firefighter

When the dust settled on September 11, one of the 343 firefighters listed as missing, later pronounced dead, was Chief Bill Feehan. A firefighter to his core, Feehan was loved by the men and women in the FDNY. Bill Feehan loved eggs over easy. Every day for the last 20 years at least he stoppedRead more..

Lynn Tierney

Imagine coming to work one day and 343 of your coworkers are suddenly dead. Months later you’re still passing empty desks and no-longer-relevant nameplates. On your own desk is a white three-ringed binder containing scores of typed speeches — eulogies that have been your responsibility to compile since the 343 went dead. “That’s my eulogyRead more..