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Marian Keyes’ L.A. Story

The author of such works as Rachel’s Holiday and Sushi for Beginners talks to Siobhán Tracey about her new book set in L.A. ℘℘℘ Anyone who has ever read one of Marian Keyes’ novels will already have an impression of the author’s irrepressible sense of fun, which finds humor in situations not obviously funny. And in theRead more..

Death of “Quiet” Beatle

The world is mourning the death of former Beatles guitarist George Harrison, who died in Los Angeles, aged 58, after a long fight against cancer. In New York, fans gathered at Strawberry Fields in Central Park to pay homage to George at the garden created as a memorial to former Beatle John Lennon, who wasRead more..

Top Hat!

Hat designer and IA covergirl Marie Galvin joined the 7th Anniversary Gen Art’s Fresh Faces in Fashion show presented by POWERade in New York and Los Angeles in October (host committee included the top designers Vera Wang and Diane Von Furstenberg). The show featured 12 of the best new fashion designers in the world. EarlierRead more..

Steve Allen (1921 – 2000)

If the stars are twinkling a bit more lately, it’s because one of Earth’s brightest has taken his place in their midst. On November 1, Steve Allen passed away in his sleep and into the realm of legend. His wife, actress Jayne Meadows, once described him as “a good Irish Catholic boy. One of theRead more..