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Making Ready for
Bloomsday Centenary

June 16, 2004 is the 100th Anniversary of Leopold Bloom’s Fateful Walk. ℘℘℘ As we go to press and the world is celebrating Bloomsday, plans are already afoot for next year’s “Bloomsday Centenary.” Ireland’s Minister for Arts, Sports and Tourism John O’Donoghue has set up the Bloomsday Centenary Coordinating Committee, to plan the event which willRead more..

Leopold Bloom Lives On

June 16 has been immortalized by lovers of James Joyce’s Ulysses everywhere as “Bloomsday” and has become an annual day of pilgrimage and celebration. Ulysses is the epic hour-by-hour account of one day in Dublin — June 16, 1904. In the novel, the hero, Leopold Bloom — an ordinary Dubliner — is a modern-day OdysseusRead more..