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Marty Walsh is Confirmed as U.S. Labor Secretary

By Michael Quinlin Congratulations to Martin J. Walsh, who was confirmed on Monday, March 22, 2021 as the next U.S. Secretary of Labor. The U.S. Senate approved his nomination 68-29. Walsh has been mayor of Boston since January 2014, and prior to that was Massachusetts state representative and a leader in Boston’s trade unions. InRead more..

Mary Kay Henry:
A New Deal for America’s Working Poor

In this interview from our June/July 2018 issue, Mary Kay Henry, the international president of the two-million-member Service Employees International Union, talks to Patricia Harty about the Fight for $15 (minimum wage) campaign, how President Trump is ruining America, and growing up Catholic – one of 10 children – in a Detroit suburb. Mary KayRead more..

Wild Irish Women:
Mother Jones

Irish-born American labor leader Mother Jones was once known as the “most dangerous woman in America.” ℘℘℘ The editors of the socially-conscious magazine Mother Jones, explaining the woman Mother Jones to their readers, write: “She was a badass who fought for the underdog, battled child labor, and was sometimes referred to as ‘the most dangerous womanRead more..

Joe McGarrity:
De Valera’s Man in America

“…the general awakening that was taking place in Ireland seemed to make us forget everything else for the time and think only of the fight in prospect.” – Joe McGarrity Joe McGarrity was Eamon de Valera’s right hand man in America and was once described by poet Padraic Colum as “a gallowglass ready to swingRead more..

Hand in Hand for Freedom:
U.S. Labor and Irish Rebels

The trade union movement in America played a major role in Ireland’s struggle for freedom. But Irish rebels also played a significant role in building the American trade union movement, writes LiUNA general president, Terry O’Sullivan. ℘℘℘ The centennial of the Easter Rising carries a special meaning for proud Irish Americans, and especially for those,Read more..

A Challenging Woman:
Remembering Inez McCormack

Inez McCormack, the late labor leader and human rights activist from Northern Ireland, once said that her greatest achievement was “seeing the glint in the eye of the woman who thought she was nobody, and now realizes she’s somebody.” McCormack would have had a glint in her own eye had she witnessed the turnout forRead more..

The Last Word:
When the Irish Did Apply

This September 5 will mark the 118th anniversary of the nation’s first commemoration of Labor Day. On that day in 1882, thousands of New York City workers took the day off to participate in festivities honoring honest toil and the rights of labor. Its success testified to labor’s rising power and growing sense of unityRead more..