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A Theory About the Irish

Irish Americans are among the most generous in the world — the evidence is there in the World Giving Index. But why? Kieran McConville works with Concern Worldwide, an international humanitarian agency with its roots in Ireland, offices in the US, and a mission to eliminate extreme poverty across the world. That job has given himRead more..

Mission Possible:
Concern Worldwide at 50

Concern, Ireland’s largest humanitarian aid agency, has been serving the poorest of the poor for 50 years. Ed Kenney Jr. and Kieran McConville, both of whom work for Concern, explore the organization’s history. ℘℘℘ The story begins 50 years ago in the parlor of a modest townhouse on Northumberland Road in Dublin, moving on quicklyRead more..

A Challenging Response:
Concern in Nepal

Concern Worldwide has been responding to emergencies around the world since it was born amid the chaos of the Biafran war in Nigeria 47 years ago. Floods, famines, wars, and earthquakes all provide different challenges and test the skills and ingenuity of those who respond. The latest disaster, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake here in the southRead more..