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First Word:
The Battle for the Truth

“I vow that the eyes of justice, the eyes of this journalist will not be shut again. No hand can deter me from my battle for the truth.” –Journalist Veronica Guerin ℘℘℘ While Veronica Guerin starring Cate Blanchett (see cover story) may be the movie of the fall season, the real Veronica Guerin was anythingRead more..

Passed On

Robert S. Mullaney an aeronautical engineer who helped oversee the construction of the craft that landed Apollo astronauts on the moon, died at his home in Bellport, New York, on July 6. He was 82. Mullaney was a former Navy pilot who had a hand in the development of fighter planes in the Grumman CorporationRead more..

The Real Story of
Veronica Guerin

The murder of one of Ireland’s most prominent journalists by crime bosses provoked outrage but has not received justice. ℘℘℘ Although she is virtually unknown to Americans, Irish crime journalist Veronica Guerin was a legend in Ireland. She wrote eye-opening front-page columns for Ireland’s most popular newspaper, The Sunday Independent. She courted both controversy andRead more..

Peter Finn: War Correspondent

Since September 11, Peter Finn has kept us informed of the stories behind the attacks, such as the European connections of the hijackers and the origins of the plot to commit the atrocities. He has also reported extensively on the fighting and political situation in Afghanistan. As Berlin bureau chief for The Washington Post, Finn,Read more..

Pete Hamill: New Yorker

Since September 11, Pete Hamill has devoted many columns to trying to make sense of what happened, if that is possible, or trying to analyze the reaction and process of healing of New Yorkers. Hamill has been part of New York’s newspaper scene since 1960 when he started as a reporter for The New YorkRead more..

Joe Sexton:
The New York Times

After the attacks of September 11, the public turned to newspapers in a fever reliable information on a situation that was changing by the hour. At The New York Times, Joe Sexton, deputy metropolitan editor, distinguished himself by overseeing much of the paper’s acclaimed local investigative and enterprise efforts. In the early days, when estimatesRead more..