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John O’Hara

John O’Hara is the Head of Prime Brokerage and Clearing for the Americas at Societe Generale. In this role he oversees one of the world’s largest Futures Clearing businesses, consistently ranked in the top five on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (“CME”). John joined Societe Generale in early 2016 after having spent several years in seniorRead more..

New Book Celebrates Irish Americans

The Irish Face in America, a stunning book of photographs and text, by writer Julia McNamara and photographer Jim Smith, delves beneath the surface to show us who we are today. Here is the introduction by Pete Hamill. ℘℘℘ Of one thing I’m certain: there is no such thing as an Irish face, yet IRead more..

The Bearing of the Green

Some thoughts on being Irish-American. ℘℘℘ As a proud Irish-American, I begin with a simple assumption: there is no way to precisely define that elusive, complex human category called the Irish-American. The tools of sociology are as inadequate to the task as the forms of the Census Bureau, and the jeweler’s art of the lexicographerRead more..