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The Bearing of the Green

Some thoughts on being Irish-American. ℘℘℘ As a proud Irish-American, I begin with a simple assumption: there is no way to precisely define that elusive, complex human category called the Irish-American. The tools of sociology are as inadequate to the task as the forms of the Census Bureau, and the jeweler’s art of the lexicographerRead more..

Lust for Lust

A bawdy romance from the author of Angela’s Ashes. ℘℘℘ When he awoke that morning Mordecai O’Callaghan found himself in such a desperate state of tumescence he immediately thought of Nora Moynihan down the road. Nora Moynihan, down the road, awakening at the same time, found herself in such a desperate state of lubriciousness sheRead more..