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Review of Books

Jennifer Egan’s Manhattan Beach is a journey through time and mores. ℘℘℘ In Manhattan Beach, Jennifer Egan makes a radical departure in style, language, and structure from her previous novel, the post-modern and Pulitzer Prize-winning A Visit from the Goon Squad. This latest work, labeled “historic fiction” and set between 1934 and 1946, tells ofRead more..

Portals to the Other World

This fall, a number of our most celebrated Irish American authors will launch books into heavy seas where Twitter storms and televised tantrums batter our attention, but after spending time at the Book Expo, the publishing industry’s lollapalooza in New York City this summer, I realized all will be well. I met with Jennifer Egan, Alice McDermott,Read more..

Jennifer Egan

Jennifer Egan is an Irish American novelist and short story writer whose novel A Visit from the Goon Squad won the 2011 Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Critics Circle Award for fiction. She is the author of The Keep, Look at Me, The Invisible Circus, and the story collection Emerald City. Her stories have beenRead more..